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the business of mankind. Communications were
far too difficult for any sort of centralised world
controls. Around the World in Eighty Days, when
it was published seventy years ago, seemed an
extravagant fantasy. It was a world without
telephone or radio, with nothing swifter than a
railway train or more destructive than the earlier
types of H.E. shell. They were marvels. It was
far more convenient to administer that world of
the Balance of Power in separate national areas
and, since there were such limited facilities for
peoples to get at one another and do each other
mischiefs, there seemed no harm in ardent
patriotism and the complete independence of
separate sovereign states.
Economic life was largely directed by irrespon-
sible private businesses and private finance which,
because of their private ownership, were able to
spread out their unifying transactions in a net-
work that paid little attention to frontiers and
national, racial or religious sentimentality.
" Business " was much more of a world common-
wealth than the political organisations. There
were many people, especially in America, who
imagined that " Business" might ultimately
unify the world and governments sink into
subordination to its network.
Nowadays we can be wise after the event and